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    The Voyages of Marco Polo

    The Voyages of Marco Polo

    Daniele Tascini
    Z-Man Games, Inc.
    Dennis Lohausen
    Contracts, Set Collection, Drafting, Dice Rolling, Income, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement, Worker Placement with Dice Workers
    Economic, Medieval, Dice

    A Grand Voyage!
    The year is 1275, and Marco Polo has finally reached the court of Kublai Khan after four years of grueling travel over the Silk Road. Together with his father, Marco hoped to establish news trade routes to bring riches from the East back to Europe, and in The Voyages of Marco Polo, you will attempt to do the same.

    Players will attempt to recreate Marco Polo's famous journey over the Silk Road, playing as Marco and his father or one of their many associates from their travels, each with their own unique power. Collect points by completing contracts, visiting new cities, and reaching your final destination of Beijing and the court of Kublai Khan. Do you have what it takes to prosper? Find out in The Voyages of Marco Polo!

    Preparing to Set Out
    The Voyages of Marco Polo is a Dice Placement game. At the beginning of each Round, players will roll their dice and then take turns placing those dice in space on the board for various effects. Some spaces have the same effect no matter the number on the die placed there, but some spaces have different effects depending on their result of the roll. Some spaces even require you commit multiple dice and take the action based on the lowest number rolled among the dice placed there.

    Placing dice is how players move their merchants down the trade routes and toward Beijing, gather money to pay for goods and their travels, acquire resources to fulfill their contracts. And, spaces are limited! Once another player has filled a space, you'll need to spend more resources in order to take the same action, potentially setting your plan back or forcing you to readjust. Plan well and choose your actions wisely, and you may just find yourself ahead of the pack.

    Multiple Strategies
    There are many decisions to be made from round to round, and there are multiple avenues to victory in any given game. The roads you take to victory can change from game to game thanks to the special power of your character and the unique city bonuses used for each.

    Unique Powers
    Each character has their own unique ability that can hugely impact your strategy as the game progresses. Raschid ad-Din allows you to choose the value of your dice rather than rolling them. Niccolo and Marco Polo give you an additional figure to move across the map and a camel at the beginning of every round. Take advantage of your special skills and leave your opponents in the dust!

    Different City Cards Every Game!
    With 31 different city cards, every voyage will be unique. Plan your route carefully as you seek to take advantage of the bonuses each city has to offer. At the beginning of each game, the city bonus cards will be drawn randomly from the deck, providing new strategic opportunities and incredible replayability.