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    **UPDATED 2022-06-07**





    Additional Payment Policies

    Packing and Shipping


    Selling to Us

    All trades MUST be submitted through our website’s Buylists or our Easy-Buy Buylist.

    Click on the appropriate TCG game category for the cards you wish to sell. You can locate the specific card you are looking to sell by using the “Cardname” search bar located at the top of the Buylists Page under “Refine your Search”. By using key phrases, such as a partial name of a card, you can generate a list that will only show cards relevant to the name or phrase you entered.

    You can filter your search results by adding the Expansion, Rarity, Colour/Type, Foil/ Non-Foil etc.

    The current price will be listed to the right of each card. Once you locate the card, simply enter the quantity you wish to sell and click the blue “Add” button. Your cart can be reviewed and then submitted by clicking the blue 'View my Buylist Cart' button at the top of the Buylist page. You can update the quantity of a card you are selling or remove a card by updating the total to ‘0’. 

    If you are not sure which cards you have or their specific versions, you may want to use our Easy-Buy Buylist instead.


    Submitting a Buylist Request

    Before submitting your Buylist Request (referred henceforth as “your Buylist”), please make sure your cards are organized in the order shown in your cart.

    Please correctly fill out your Name, Email, Address, City, Province, Postal Code information. This helps us track your Buylist and make sure you receive your payment as quickly as possible.

    Please select the location where you wish to bring us your cards (Toronto or Vaughan) or select the “Mail” option if you will be shipping your cards to us.

    Please select Payment Type.

    Upon submitting your Buylist, you should receive an automated confirmation email with your ordered Buylist. **We have been having some issues with Gmail addresses not always receiving the automated confirmation email. Do not worry, your Buylist has been entered into our system - all you need to do is bring us your cards, unsleeved and sorted, along with the buylist number found on the confirmation page. If you still want the confirmation email, please contact us at and one of our Trades staff will be happy to help re-send it.

    For in-store submissions you do not need to wait for a confirmation or approval email - you can visit your preferred location to complete your trade once you have submitted your Buylist. **Currently we are only receiving Buylists in-store by drop-off only.  

    For mail-in submissions your Buylist must be approved before you mail us your cards. You should receive an approval email within 48 hours of submitting your Buylist. If you do not receive an approval email within 48 hours, please contact us at:


    Receiving Payment

    During your Buylist Submission, you will be asked to choose a payment method for your Buylist; Cheque, PayPal, or Store Credit. All payments are generally made within 1-2 business days after your Buylist has been processed. Once we receive your package, we will verify the cards you sent in to make sure they are in the appropriate condition. We will then issue payment based on your chosen payment method. If your payment method is a cheque, please by aware most banks will require you to have a bank account in order to cash the cheque.



    All Buylist submissions are subject to the policies on this page. Failure to adhere to any of these policies may result in suspending your Buylist privileges.


    If you have any questions please contact our trained TCG purchasing staff at


    • Your Buylist total must be at least $10 minimum.
    • You must be over the age of 18 to receive payment for a buylist or have a parent or guardian of legal age do so on your behalf, as per Ontario law.
    • Our Buylists are provided for your information only and should not be considered as an offer to buy. Incorrect/out of date prices are not binding.
    • Buylist prices and quantities in demand are subject to change at any time, for any reason.
    • All Buylist prices listed are for Near Mint and English cards only, unless otherwise indicated. See "Deductions" below for more information.
    • Sending us an item constitutes an offer to sell the item "as is".
    • reserves the right to refuse any offer made to us.
    • reserves the right to limit the number of cards submitted as well as to refuse a sale at any time, for any reason.
    • is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during transit. If your package arrives at our facility with obvious damage, we will refuse delivery and you will be responsible for contacting the shipping company to file a claim.
    • We do not accept C.O.D.
    • The shipping and handling cost of sending us your package is your responsibility. If your package arrives with postage due, we will automatically deduct that amount from your Buylist total. If your Buylist total cannot cover the cost, your package will be refused.
    • Any package that arrives with customs due (this includes customs taxes, duties, or fees) we will automatically deduct that amount from your Buylist total. If your Buylist total cannot cover the cost, your package will be refused.
    • The payment amount is not finalized until after we receive your package and verify its contents.
    • The Trade-In Credit Bonus does not apply to any bulk TCG product.
    • You must write the Buylist ID Number on the outside of your package.
    • All submissions must be sorted in the order found on the checkout and confirmation page. Failure to do so will result in a 15% sorting fee. This fee will be deducted from your Buylist total.
    • If there are any errors found in your Buylist (i.e., wrong cards, wrong editions, missing, damaged and unacceptable items) we will automatically deduct the difference in price from your Buylist total. We will only contact you for approval if the difference in price is 15% or more or if the difference is $100.00 or more. If you wish to have your damaged cards returned, we will deduct the cost of shipping from your total and will mail them back to you. If your Buylist does not cover the cost to return, you will be required to pay for the cost of return shipping.
    • No supplies sent in as packaging for a mail-in Buylist submission (deck boxes, binders, sleeves, etc.) will be returned. Cards should be submitted in as few supplies as is possible.
    • You have 20 business days from the time your Buylist is approved for it to arrive at our facility. If it does not arrive within that timeframe, we may reprice your Buylist based on then-current Buylist prices.



    All unlisted TCG cards on our Buylists (Near Mint and English ONLY) are bought as bulk.

    To find our bulk pricing, you can search "bulk" in the Buylist "Refine Your Search" bar (we may not currently buy bulk for all games). You can then add quantities of bulk to your Buylist as you would any other item. 

    We ask that when selling us bulk, you do not sort it alphabetically, by set, by edition, or by rarity. The exceptions to these are if you are selling a specific type of bulk (ex. If you are selling 100 bulk rares, those should be clearly discernible from other cards in your submission). In those cases, we still do not want them sorted alphabetically or by set.

    The Trade-In Credit Bonus does not apply to any bulk product.

    Please make sure that your bulk is easily discernible from any other cards in your Buylist.

    Most of the damaged packages we receive are large packages containing bulk cards. We recommend that you use void fill to ensure there is no empty space for the cards to shift around. Also, please be aware of how heavy the box is after packing. You may want to double-box heavy packages to ensure they are not damaged during transit.



    If your cards' condition are less than Near Mint (NM) or errors are found in your Buylist that result in a price difference of 15% or more or $100.00 or more, we will send you an updated offer via email. You will have three (3) business days to respond to our updated offer. If we do not receive a response within the three (3) day period, we will assume you have accepted the offer and process your payment with the appropriate deductions applied.

    Refer to our TCG Condition Guide if you have any questions about the condition of your cards.

    Sort your cards in the order found on the checkout and confirmation pages. Failure to do so will result in a sorting fee of 15%. This fee will be deducted from your Buylist total.

    If you wish to have any of these cards returned, you must request this at the time you accept the deduction. will return any requested cards to you at your expense. The cost of return shipping will depend on the cards and quantity being returned. Please note that once the deduction is accepted (this includes deductions that did not receive a response) and processed, any cards received will then be considered the property of and will no longer be eligible to be returned. 

    Any Buylist submission that is received with excessive errors will not be processed and will be returned at your expense. Repeated violations may result in suspending your Buylist submission privileges.

    If you are not sure which cards you have or their specific versions, you may want to use our Easy-Buy Buylist instead.


    Additional Payment Policies

    Payment amount is not finalized until after we receive your package and verify its contents.

    You may change your payment type at any time before your Buylist is processed. Just email us at Once we have processed your Buylist and issued payment, the payment type cannot be changed.

    Cheque: This is the least efficient payment option, and is only available for Buylists that total $30.00 or more. Buylists totaling less than $30.00 will be paid in either store credit option or PayPal. Cheques are made out to the name you provide at the time you submit your Buylist. Please be sure to use your full, correct name associated with your bank. For Mail submissions, cheques are shipped via Canada Post Letter Mail to the address provided during your Buylist submission and generally arrive within 2 weeks of being shipped. We can alternatively provide expedited shipping with tracking at your request; however, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your payable total. For local drop-off submissions you will be notified by email when your cheque is ready for pickup. Please be aware most banks will require you to have a bank account in order to cash the cheque. International customers cannot be paid by cheque and must choose a different payment method.

    PayPal: Payment will be made to the email address used for your Buylist submission. If you have a different email associated with your PayPal account, please contact us at before sending in your Buylist. Payment will be subject to applicable PayPal fees (currently PayPal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 CAD of the amount you receive). As a result, you will receive less than the finalized total of your Buylist after PayPal fees.

    Store Credit:

    This is the quickest payment method. Store Credit Buylists will receive an additional Trade-In Credit Bonus currently at 30%. Please note that this bonus does not apply towards any bulk on your Buylist. You may still choose store credit as your payment method on a Buylist containing only bulk, but you will not receive the bonus. Store credit will be processed as an online gift card sent to the email address submitted on your Buylist. Once store credit has been sent via online gift card you may use it at any time for purchases at during checkout, or in-store through your phone using the QR code found in the email. Once store credit has been issued, it is non-refundable and cannot be transferred or converted to another payment method or currency.

    Packing and Shipping

    How to ship your Buylist?

    1. Make sure your cards are sorted in the EXACT order that they appear in your Buylist cart/confirmation email (the first card on your Buylist should be the first face-up card in the stack.)
    2. Remove cards from any deck sleeves, binders, or other packaging.
    3. Include your name, Buylist ID number, and preferred payment method inside your package.
    4. Buylists must be postmarked within 7 days of approval and addressed to:                                                                                                                    
      Attn: Buylist ID#
      750 Yonge Street,
      Toronto, ON
      M4Y 2B6                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    5. We strongly suggest that you choose a shipping method that includes both delivery confirmation and insurance. is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.


    We Do Not Accept C.O.D.


    Please be sure to always write the Buylist ID number on the outside of your package as seen in the example above in step 4. If you have multiple Buylists you may include them all in one package, but all Buylist ID numbers must be present on the outside of the package.

    Buylists must be postmarked within 7 days from the date of approval. If your Buylist is postmarked on a later date, or if it arrives more than 20 business days after approval, we may re-evaluate your Buylist based on updated current prices.

    If your package arrives at our facility with postage or customs due (this may include taxes, duties, or other fees), we will notify you and deduct the amount due from your Buylist total. If your package arrives with noticeable damage, we will refuse delivery and you will be responsible for contacting the shipping company to file a claim.

    We ask that you do not send cards for a single Buylist in multiple packages. Your Buylist cannot be processed until all packages arrive at our facility and if you send multiple packages they may not all arrive at the same time. If you must separate your Buylist into different packages, please clearly label the outside of the box as to how many packages are being sent in total and which package each is (ex. Buylist ID # 1111 box 1 of 5, Buylist ID # 1111 box 2 of 5, etc.) 

    Cards should not be shipped in binders, 9 pocket pages, or deck sleeves. This helps expedite the time it takes us to process your Buylist. We reserve the right to refuse any Buylists that do not adhere to this rule or charge a fee for additional processing. 

    To keep your cards from being damaged, you can divide the cards (if there are several) into decks and sandwich them between something such as cardboard to keep them from shifting within a package. A sheet of paper folded and taped around each deck is an easy way to secure your cards. If this method is used, be sure to label each deck as 1/3, 2/3, etc. so we know what order they go in and that you will not receive a sorting fee (please label the paper before packing the cards in them to avoid damage to your cards). Deck boxes are another common means of keeping cards from moving in transit. Making sure there is no additional room in a package is the key to making sure your cards are not damaged. Do not use rubber bands as this can damage your cards!

    For shipping small quantities of cards, we recommend putting them in a team bag or similar plastic bag, and including a toploader or another firm object in the package, then shipping using a bubble mailer. If shipping expensive cards in toploaders, tape a piece of paper over the top to keep the cards from falling out (don't tape directly over the toploader, as this may result in damage to your cards).

    You may not send returns, payments, etc. in the same package as your Buylist.