Our Tiered Loyalty Program is now available in store and online!

The program consists of three tiers which are based on the total amount you have spent at our store.

Please note that only the pre-tax value of your orders applies to your total. You can view your purchase history by logging into your account and clicking on your name.

The Three Tiers and their applicable discounts are as follows:

 Tier Level/Amount Spent
% Discount - Entire Order
% Discount - Card Game Singles Only
BRONZE $800+ 1% off your entire order 3% off your card game singles
SILVER $1200+ 2% off your entire order 6% off your card game singles

GOLD  $5000+

3% off your entire order 10% off your card game singles


Please note that the higher discount column on the right only applies to TCG singles and will not affect the purchase of any other products. As a result, you should place separate orders for singles (using the singles-specific discount code), and all other products (using the regular code). You cannot enter more than one discount code per order.

Online Purchases

Any online order placed after August 14th, 2017 will apply to this total.

To receive your discount when shopping online you will need to enter a discount code during checkout. These codes are shown in the table below.

 Tier Level
Discount Code Entire Order
Discount Code - Card Game Singles


In-store Purchases

Any in-store purchases made under your account name on or after June 11th, 2021 count toward this total.

When shopping in store present your ID to the cashier and let them know that you have an account. Transactions made under your account name will count towards your total.

Don't have an account with us? You can make one online or ask one of our staff members in-store to sign you up. All we require is your name and email address.

Using the Codes

The discount codes cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or sales. If you make a purchase that pushes you into a higher Tier, the new code will only be available for future purchases and not the current one.

The discount codes will only work for you if your account has met the requirements. If a code does not work, you have not hit the threshold for that tier. If you are not sure which tier you are part of try all three codes and see which one works!

The codes are case sensitive so please enter them in ALL CAPS as shown!

These tiers are subject to change as the program evolves. If any changes occur, they will be clearly posted on social media and this policy page.

Tournament Entry & Event Entry is not valid for loyalty discounts.

Policy Last Updated April 27, 2023