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    401 Games is happy to announce we now are offering Loyalty Program for our Online Customers! These discounts will only apply to purchases made through our on-line store and not to any in-store purchases.


    Effective immediately you will start working your way through Three Tiers that will give you an ever increasing percentage-based discount on your purchases! Any order that has been made with us since August 14th, 2017 will apply towards your total sales.  Any purchases you have made prior to August 14th, 2017 will not apply towards your discount. Once logged in to your account you can click on your Name to see your order history to determine how much you have spent and therefore what tier you are a part of!

    The Three Tiers and their applicable discounts are as follows:

     Tier Level
    % Discount - Entire Order
    % Discount - Card Game Singles Only
    BRONZE $800+ 1% off your entire order 3% off your card game singles
    SILVER $1200+ 2% off your entire order 6% off your card game singles

    GOLD  $5000+

    3% off your entire order 10% off your card game singles


    Please note the higher discount column on the right will only apply to singles and will not affect any other products. This means that when you've reached one of our loyalty tiers customers should make separate orders for singles, using the singles-specific Discount Code. Example: You are in the Silver Tier and you have made an order for a Board Game and some Pokemon Singles, You use the code: LOYALTYSILVERTCG and it will only apply the 6% discount to the Pokemon Cards. You cannot enter more than one discount code per order.

    The Discount Codes will not stack with each other and are not able to be combined with other offers, discount codes or sales, whichever gives you the greater discount is the code you should use! If you make a purchase that pushes you into a new Tier, the discount will only be applicable on future purchases, not the current one.

    The Discount Codes will be public knowledge but will only work for you if your account is tied to one of the three tiers in our database. If the code does not work, you have not hit the threshold for that tier.

     Tier Level
    Discount Code Entire Order
    Discount Code - Card Game Singles

    The codes are case sensitive so please enter them in ALL CAPS as shown!

    The codes will not reduce any applicable shipping charges or taxes.

    These tiers are subject to change as the program evolves over time. If any changes occur they will be clearly posted on social media and this Policy Page.

    UPDATED - August 21, 2018