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    Star Realms United - Assault

    Star Realms United - Assault

    White Wizard Games

    Star Realms: United is an expansion for Star Realms Deckbuilding Game that includes dozens of new cards, including multi-faction cardsThe United line comes in four non-random packs (Assault, Command, Heroes, Missions).

    As the fight for galactic dominance rages, once unthinkable alliances have become reality. Harness the power of these newly-united powers or be destroyed by them!

    1 Assault Pack
    - 2 Trade Stars
    - 1 Union Stronghold
    - 2 Alliance Transports
    - 1 Embassy Base
    - 2 Coalition Messengers
    - 1 Lookout Post
    - 2 Blob Bots
    - 1 Exchange Point
    - 1 Rules Insert