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    Map It! US Edition

    Map It! US Edition

    Yvon Roy

    Map It! U.S. Edition uses the same game play as the German-language 'Ausgerechnet!' series of games: Players deal three piles of 15 location cards from a deck of roughly 200 cards (naming cities and landmarks in the U.S. for this edition). They take one deck of 15 cards and put one location card on the direction board, pointing north, south, east and west.

    On a turn, a player draws a location card – keeping the latitude and longitude on the back of the card secret from all players – then places the card next to the direction board, indicating how they think this location relates to the starting one. Is Honolulu west of San Francisco? Why sure, so place it by the west arrow. Location cards can be placed between cards already on the board.

    After each location card is placed, any player can challenge the positioning of that card. That player reveals the back of the most recently placed card as well as one adjacent card. If the challenge was correct – and the card placed wrongly – the challenger wins a point chip from the placer and the card is removed; otherwise the challenger hands over a chip to that person.

    After 15 cards are placed, there is an interim scoring in which all players secretly guess how many cards have been placed correctly. Guess correctly, and you score two chips; if no one is spot on, the closest guesser wins a chip.

    After three rounds and the final interim scoring, the player with the most chips wins.