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    Letters from Whitechapel

    Letters from Whitechapel

    Gabriele Mari
    Nexus Editrice
    Gianluca Santopietro
    Point to Point Movement, Memory, Partnerships, Secret Unit Deployment, Teams

    Letters from Whitechapel is a thematically engrossing board game of deduction and bluffing in which one player takes the role of the infamous Jack the Ripper, while up to five other players are detectives working together to pursue him through Victorian London. After committing his horrible murders, Jack must outmaneuver the detectives in the tangled streets of the Whitechapel District. Meanwhile, the detectives must use clever deduction and their superior numbers to hunt Jack the Ripper down before he can kill again or elude them forever.


    1 Rulebook
    1 Game Board
    6 Reference Sheets
    4 Jack's Letter Sheets
    5 Head of the Investigation Tiles
    5 Special Movement Tokens
    1 Pad of Jack the Ripper Move Track Sheets
    27 Plastic Markers