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    Catacombs - Third Edition

    Catacombs - Third Edition

    Aron West
    Elzra Games
    Kwanchai Moriya
    Variable Player Powers, Player Elimination, Partnerships, Role Playing

    Catacombs is an award winning action/dexterity based fantasy board game. One player controls the Overseer, directing the monsters of the catacomb. The other player(s) control the party of four heroes who cooperatively try to defeat the monsters and eventually the Catacomb Lord. Each of the heroes' special abilities must also be used effectively if they are to prevail.

    The main mechanic of Catacombs is for the players to flick wooden discs representing monsters, heroes, missiles and fireballs. Contact with an opposing piece inflicts damage but stun, poison, critical and other shot modifiers can create other effects.

    The Third Edition of Catacombs includes a full artwork conversion by Kwanchai Moriya and improves the quality of the components.