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    Awesome Kingdom - Tower of Hateskull

    Awesome Kingdom - Tower of Hateskull

    Kevin Wilson
    IDW Games
    Ciro Cangialosi
    Hand Management
    Card Game, Fantasy

    Get ready to get awesome! In Awesome Kingdom you'll take charge of one of the "Awesome Ocho," a band of heroes on a dungeon crawl searching for untold riches. This tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler delivers three rounds of highly-strategic laughter in an over-the-top setting of awesome proportions!

    This awesome vessel contains one dungeon of prolific proportions: Tower of Hateskull, the home of the foulest undead couple in our fair land. The Tower of Hateskull is also the last known resting place of the Stick of 6 Parts, an artifact so ridiculously overpowered that the gods broke it up and hid it after creating it.

    60 Dungeon Cards
    40 Action Cards
    8 Hero Cards
    1 Tower of Hateskull Card
    1 Time Tracker Card
    30 Wound Tokens
    30 Coin Tokens
    1 First Player Token
    11 Dungeon Tiles
    1 Time Tracker Token
    8 Hero Standups
    8 Plastic Stands