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    Theseus - The Dark Orbit - Hunters

    Theseus - The Dark Orbit - Hunters

    Michał Oracz
    Portal Games
    Grzegorz Bobrowski
    Variable Player Powers, Point to Point Movement, Teams
    Sci-Fi, Fighting, Expansion

    The 07 corridor hatch light shone red. The security officer pressed the camera's preview button: empty, quiet and peaceful. It looks like a temporary system error, but he still needs to go and check ...

    Meanwhile in hallway 08 there are three silhouettes moving as quietly as shadows, caught up to the steel door. A well-built brute adjusted the gun hanging around his back while crouching down, biting an unlit cigar. A scarred woman in a leather jacket looked questioningly at a tattooed, spectacled man. That man came closer to the door and looked at the lock. A mechanical hand bent the hood and plugged the wires.

    After a moment a green light announced his success. Waiting in the capsule the rest of the gang heard a whisper coming from the communicator:
    "It worked, we're inside."

    1 Sector Board
    25 Faction Cards
    3 Faction Unit Pawns
    6 Faction Stickers
    2 Faction Markers
    7 Supplemental Tokens
    1 Alliance Token
    3 Bonus Cards