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    Saltlands - Lost in the Desert Expansion (Retail Edition)

    Saltlands - Lost in the Desert Expansion (Retail Edition)

    András Drozdy
    Antler Games
    Bazsó Lossonczy
    Variable Player Powers, Grid Movement, Modular Board, Action Point Allowance System, Teams
    Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fighting, Exploration, Negotiation, Expansion

    Lost in the Desert brings you even more tension-filled desert survival action!

    As the Horde pushes further into the Saltlands, additional survivors are forced to flee. Daring colonists of Container Island, the Beached Mother Ship, and insurgents from the Raider Camp embark on a dangerous adventure into the unknown.

    - Make an escape with one of the six additional characters: bombard raiders with artillery fire using the Commander or steal from other players with the Thief.
    - Take advantage of even more special items, lure raiders towards you, or blow them up with explosive weaponry.
    - Explore amazing new regions of the desert and take up the challenge of the Epic Mode!

    5 Terrain Tiles
    6 Plastic Miniatures
    32 Item Cards
    6 Character Cards
    6 Character Standees
    6 Cheat Sheets
    6 Player Mats
    8 Damage Cards
    15 Tokens
    1 Rulebook
    1 Scorched Salt Graphic Novel