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    Pick-a-Polar Bear

    Pick-a-Polar Bear

    Torsten Landsvogt
    Eagle-Gryphon Games
    Ari Wong
    Pattern Recognition
    Card Game, Party Game, Animals, Puzzle, Real-time

    Pick-a-Polar BEAR features the same gameplay as his southern cousins Pick-a-PIG and Pick-a-DOG, but with two new variants! The southern cousins were the 2013 award winners for "the 2013 Party Game of the Year" from the Creative Child Awards and a "Recommended by Mensa" selection at Mind Games 2013

    The Nanuks are determined-they don't want to become sitting "bears" due to global warming. Sourcing a supply of canned fish may be a way to survive the diminishing sea ice. At least it gives them a very good reason to travel all the way from the North Pole to party with their doggie friends down south!

    How to play:
    1) Each player gets a card face down.
    2) Say Go! Flip your card and race to grab new cards that are the same or have ONLY ONE difference from your top card.
    3) Keep grabbing as many correct cards as you can. If no good cards remain for you, STOP the action and get a bonus.
    4) Collect the most cards and WIN!

    Variant 1 - Hold the leading player back! The player, who has just successfully obtained the most cards in the preceding round, is not allowed to grab a card that is identical to its previous card.

    Variant 2 - The Set-Up Delight. The "Set-Up Delight" turns the preparation of each round into a buzz of excitement. Try it!