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    Lorenzo il Magnifico

    Lorenzo il Magnifico

    Flaminia Brasini
    Klemens Franz, Andrea Kattnig, Andreas Resch
    Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement, Card Drafting, Worker Placement with Dice Workers

    Lorenzo de' Medici was a key figure in Florence during the Renaissance, so what better setting than it for the race between noble families to gain prestige and fame?

    In Lorenzo il Magnifico, players send their noble family members out to different locations around the city to collect resources, acquire development cards, and pay tribute to the church. Not everyone is created equally, so deciding where to send the golden child of the family and where to send the black sheep might be key to victory.

    1 Board
    4 Personal Boards
    4 Personal Bonus Tiles
    21 Excommunication Tiles
    4 Recovering Tiles
    16 Family Members
    16 Stickers
    16 Marker Discs
    12 Excommunication Cubes
    3 Dice
    96 Development Cards
    20 Leader Cards
    63 Wooden Resources (Wood, Stone, Servants)
    33 Coins
    1 Rulebook
    1 Quick Reference Guide