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    King's Forge - Glassworks Expansion

    King's Forge - Glassworks Expansion

    Nick Sibicky
    Game Salute
    Denis Martynets
    Dice Rolling, Worker Placement, Deck Building
    Card Game, Fantasy, Dice, Expansion

    King's Forge: Glassworks expands King's Forge and adds a whole new material to the game - glass! The wonderfully pliable, yet delicate, glass. Glassworks also includes a bundle of new items to craft using glass, and, of course, places to gather it.

    New items are ready to be crafted! The Forge is waiting ...

    24 Craft Cards
    8 Gather Cards
    6 Glasswork Tiles
    2 Eight-sided Academy Dice
    26 Turquoise "Glass" Dice