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    Dead Man's Draw

    Dead Man's Draw

    Mayday Games
    Felideus Bubastis, Vincent Dutrait, Allison Litchfield
    Set Collection, Variable Player Powers, Press Your Luck, Take That
    Card Game, Pirates

    Press your luck as a pirate trying to amass the most loot. But here's the catch, get too greedy, and you could lose it all.

    Dead Man's Draw is played by 2-4 pirates in about 10-15 minutes. Draw cards one at a time trying to collect the most loot, comprised of ten suits with six cards in each. Draw different suits and your treasure grows, but get two of the same suit, you bust and your turn is over.

    In 2016 it was released as Dead Man's Draw: Captain Carcass -

    "ALL DIVERS IN THE WATER" shouts Captain Carcass. You've now been thrown 20,000 leagues under the sea, seeking wonderful loot! But beware the intoxication of the deep, or you'll come back empty handed. A player who takes no risks ends up with nothing, but whoever risks too much... loses everything!

    Welcome to Captain Carcass, a world of underwater adventure and danger.