• Your patience is appreciated, orders will take longer to ship than normal.
  • Loyalty Codes are disabled in the hours leading up to and during the sales.
  • Boxing Week Sales prices will not be applied to any past purchases or pending orders.
In-Store Pick Ups
  • If you are making an order for in-store pickup, we ask that you do not,  arrive before you are emailed that your order is ready. We will not have the staffing resources to pull your order on the fly. When you are notified it is ready, please pick it up at your earliest convenience, as we are tight on space to store them this year.
Order Modifications, Returns & Cancellations:
  • There will be no returns, refunds, exchanges, order cancellations, merge orders, hold orders, add to orders, subtract from orders, combine orders or order alterations without exception as of the posting of this policy.
  • Orders will be processed exactly as they are made without exception.
  • Previously made orders will not be cancelled/returned/refunded in cases where the same item(s) have been or will be purchased again to receive a lower price. Order history will be checked to insure this abuse of "the system" does not occur.
  • All TCG Singles and "Boxing Week Deals" Priced Products/Games are final sale. 
  • We will not be changing any pickup orders to shipping orders or vice versa.

TCG Trades

  • TCG Trades can still be dropped off as per usual, but no trades will be processed "on the spot". Rain checks will not be given if you were planning to use this store credit or cash for our sales.

Price Adjustments & Rain Checks

  • Boxing Week Prices will not be applied to any previously made orders whether they have shipped, are on hold, are awaiting pre-order items etc. Do Not Order outside of the Sales Windows if you would like the Sale Pricing.
  • Boxing Week Prices will not be applied to future orders or restocks of out of stock items (with the exception of an inventory error as stated in the "Inventory Errors and Out of Stock Items" section below.)

Price Matching

  • Online - With the extremely high volume of orders and the corresponding number of phone calls/emails we receive, we cannot do price matches "on the fly" should you choose to purchase an item with us instead of a competitor who has the item on sale for a lower price we will review the price match if/when we are able to. We ask that you provide a screenshot with the product, proof of availability to purchase and the date & time. We will review the request and potentially retroactively discount applicable items. This is not a guarantee that the price will be matched, so please be aware that you will be receiving the order regardless.
  • In-Store - All price match requests will be reviewed by a Manager and will be approved at their discretion. To be considered for review the item must meet our existing price match guidelines. This is not a guarantee that the price will be matched.

Inventory Errors and Out of Stock Items

  • Should an item(s) you purchase be out of stock at the time of order fulfillment due to inventory error, double sale at the same time or any other technical or human error, the item(s) or order will be refunded and you will be allowed to purchase the item(s) in future for the same price referencing any applicable return/cancellation emails. All other items in the order will be processed AS IS after the refund of the unavailable item(s).

Orders Containing Pre-Orders

  • All orders containing any Pre-Order items will be held until all items in a given order release.

Policies are subject to change at 401 Games Discretion as decided by management

All of the above Policies override any other conflicting policies on the site and any existing policies not superseded by the ones stated above still apply.