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    The Phantom Society

    The Phantom Society

    Frédéric Colombier
    Xavier Gueniffey Durin, Vincent Dutrait
    Grid Movement, Partnerships, Secret Unit Deployment

    Welcome to Scotland!

    Yes, welcome to this country famous for its whisky, the Highlands, its castles, and, of course... its ghosts!

    The Phantom Society is a ghost-hunting game in which you play as sly spirits seeking to ruin a manor hotel or, if you prefer, intrepid ectoplasm hunters (a bit destructive round the edges) who never flater in the pursuit of their prey.

    While the ghosts have to be cunning and use psychology in order to remain concealed, the hunters use observation and deduction to flush out their sneaky targets.

    Who will be the fastest?

    And above all, will the manor come through this madness intact?

    From award-winning author Herve Marly (The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, Skull & Roses...) and the new talent Frederic Colombier, discover a super smart deduction game with an innovative 2-level game board and dazzling artworks from Naiade and Vincent Dutrait!

    1 Game Board
    36 Room Tiles
    4 Ghost Tiles
    16 Objective Cards
    1 Rule Booklet