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    Zombie Town 3: Big Boom Theory Expansion - 2021 CLEARANCE

    Zombie Town 3: Big Boom Theory Expansion - 2021 CLEARANCE

    Kerry Breitenstein
    Twilight Creations, Inc.
    Dave Aikins, Sławomir Maniak

    From the back of the box:

    Things have really gotten grim. The food is gone. The barricades
    are about to collapse. The car could sure use a tuneup. Perhaps it is time to hit the streets and see what you can find. Ammunition would be nice. A working phone would be fantastic. Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to run across some steak and potatoes!
    Who are you kidding, you’ll be lucky to make it back alive...

    ZombieTown 3 contains:

    • 24 Item cards
    • 6 House cards
    • 20 Event disks
    • New rules for this set

    Requires the ZombieTown base set (TLC 3500) to play.
    ZombieTown 2 (TLC 3501) is also recommended.

    From the publisher:
    Game play does not change radically for this expansion. The new item cards add first aid kits, car repair kits, molotov cocktails and sniper rifles among others!

    The event disks are added to the street spaces. With the addition of these disks, the street is not a bad place to be... mostly. The disks include: master keys, +1 actions and +1 health. Of course, there are hidden zombies and obstacles as well.