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    The New Science (New Edition)

    The New Science (New Edition)

    Dirk Knemeyer
    Conquistador Games
    Heiko Günther
    Area Control, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement, Action Point Allowance System
    Educational, Renaissance

    In The New Science you play as Isaac Newton, Galileo, or one of three other great minds from the scientific revolution in 17th century Europe. You are in a tense intellectual race with your opponents, attempting to publish your remarkable scientific discoveries first in order to gain prestige, be seen as the finest mind of your era, and consequently be appointed the first President of the Royal Society.

    You achieve this by first researching, then experimenting on, and finally publishing new discoveries. But you need to carefully decide what and when to publish: while the only way to win is publishing to gain prestige, all other scientists will read your books and gain the same knowledge, costing you a key advantage.

    You've precious little energy to put into the many groundbreaking scientific disciplines. Your efforts will be further impacted by critical happenings in the world around you, requiring savvy as well as smarts.

    The New Science is a fast-playing worker placement and area control game for 2-5 players, with a tech tree and a dash of uncertainty.