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    Space Sheep! - Ewe's the Force

    Space Sheep! - Ewe's the Force

    Anthony Rubbo
    Stronghold Games
    William Bricker
    Cooperative Play

    You are a Sheep.

    You are a defender in the Strategic Sheep Command.

    You will issue Tactics to the Shepherd Fleet to direct the Rescue Mission of the SpaceSheep.

    You know that when you need to defeat Wolf...Ewe's the Force.

    Space Sheep! is a very customizable, real-time, cooperative game - with one or more traitors potentially in your midst.

    The players are Defenders who want to the SpaceSheep and Shepherd class ships back to their home Systems before time runs out. The Defenders will play Tactics cards to conduct this Rescue Mission, but must also defend against the constant, real-time attacks of Wolf. Some players may be hidden Infiltrators (Wolves in Sheep Commanders' uniforms), thus making the game semi-cooperative, and forcing the Defenders to decipher who is on their team.

    Space Sheep! may be customized in many ways for great replayability:

    1. Systems in play: more Systems = greater complexity.

    2. Tactics Cards in the deck: fewer Tactics Cards = greater difficulty.

    3. Strength of Wolf: stronger Wolf = greater difficulty.

    4. Instruction Tiles to use: provides variability to the game.

    5. Distribution of Allegiance cards: changes the balance between cooperation vs competition.

    8 Space Sheep
    8 Shepherds
    1 Wolf Ship
    8 System Mats
    1 Neutral Defense Console
    32 Color Chits
    23 Instruction Tiles
    4 Wolf Strength Counters
    90 Tactics Cards
    11 Allegiance Cards
    1 Supreme Commander Card
    8 Reference Cards
    1 Cloth Bag
    1 One-minute Sandtimer
    1 Eight-sided Die
    1 Set of Rules