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    Lost Cities - Card Game

    Lost Cities - Card Game

    Reiner Knizia
    Vincent Dutrait, Grafik Studio Krüger, Michaela Kienle, Anke Pohl, Thilo Rick, Claus Stephan
    Hand Management, Score and Reset Game, Set Collection
    Card Game, Exploration

    Who will discover the ancient civilizations?

    Two explorers embark on research journeys to remote corners of the world: the Himalayan mountains, the Central American rainforest, the Egyptian desert, a mysterious volcano, and the bottom of the sea. As the cards are played, the expedition routes take shape and the explorers earn points. The most daring adventurers make bets on the success of their expeditions. The explorer with the highest score after three rounds of expeditions wins. The rules of the game are simple, but beware: The lost cities hold many unseen mysteries!

    Note: The 2019 edition came with a double sided game board and The Lost Expedition mini-expansion.