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    Lord of the Rings - The Card Game - Escape from Mount Gram Nightmare Deck

    Lord of the Rings - The Card Game - Escape from Mount Gram Nightmare Deck

    Nate French
    Fantasy Flight Games
    Ivan Dixon, Guillaume Ducos, Mariusz Gandzel, Rafał Hrynkiewicz
    Hand Management, Cooperative Play, Variable Player Powers
    Card Game, Expansion, Novel-based

    Can you make your escape from a Goblin prison when the alert has sounded? The Escape from Mount Gram Nightmare Deck thrusts you into one of the most innovative and challenging scenarios in all of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, forcing you to find your way through Mount Gram with just a single hero. New encounter cards and rules ensure that you'll face constant pressures, even as you begin to reclaim your gear and rescue your allies, and you'll have to confront the lead jailor in a battle to the death before you can make your escape!

    Contains 20 cards to swap with specific cards from the Escape From Mount Gram Adventure pack encounter deck to raise the difficulty of that scenario to nightmare difficulty.

    Nightmare Decks are available via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may differ subtly in appearance and texture from Core Set cards. Players are thus encouraged to utilize opaque or art sleeves while playing in Nightmare Mode.