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    Khrysos Hunters - Ruins of Abetan - 2021 CLEARANCE

    Khrysos Hunters - Ruins of Abetan - 2021 CLEARANCE

    Josh Rivers
    The Flux Capacity
    Josh Rivers
    Hand Management, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Tile Placement, Grid Movement, Modular Board, Point to Point Movement, Area Movement

    Watch Your Step!

    The Ruins of Abetan are a treacherous labyrinth of steep cliffs and rickety bridges, but the fabulous Khrysos treasure inside is all that matters to the Khrysos Hunters.

    Expand your hunt to up to 6 players with 10 brand new Hunters to make your team! Jump the gaps, but don't get pushed in!

    10 Hunter Cards
    12 Tile Cards
    2 Player Dice
    2 Scoring Cards
    12 Treasure Markers
    6 Guard Markers
    2 Boost Markers
    Rules of Play