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    Guardians' Chronicles: True King of Atlantis

    Guardians' Chronicles: True King of Atlantis

    Frédérick Condette
    Hand Management, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers, Grid Movement, Deck Building, Modular Board

    Under the oceans, the revolt is growing! Aquarion, son of the deposed dictator, is determined to regain his throne! Can you prevent the rein of a dictatorship?

    Guardians' Chronicles: True King of Atlantis, an expansion for Guardians' Chronicles, introduces a new threat to fight: Aquarion and his elite troops. The tiles included in this expansion allow you to ally Aquarion with Doktor Skarov, or to plunge into the depths of Atlantis.

    1 Aquarion
    5 Aqua-Warriors
    5 Aqua-Furies
    ID Cards
    3 New Two-Sided Tiles
    - Entry
    - Objective
    - Trap

    5 New Scenarios