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    Electronic Labyrinth

    Electronic Labyrinth

    Max J. Kobbert
    Joachim Krause
    Set Collection, Network and Route Building, Modular Board, Pick-up and Deliver, Pattern Recognition

    The enchanted Labyrinth is in danger! The evil witch Grimelda banished the wise wizard Akata, guardian of the Labyrinth, into a magic book. Can you break her evil spell and free the wizard? But beware! Dangers lurk everywhere! Grimelda has put a curse on anyone who has tried to save him and turned them into mythical creatures!

    Use the magic book to help the Labyrinth dwellers. They will reward you with the magic gems you'll need to defeat Grimelda and break her evil spell!

    Labyrinth's interactive electronics make this game amazingly different every time you play.

    1 Playing Board
    1 Magic Book
    37 Labyrinth Cards