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    Bleeding Edge: High-Tech Low-Life Role-Play (CLEARANCE)


    Bleeding Edge: High-Tech Low-Life Role-Play (CLEARANCE)


    Fight the power, jam the culture, hack the system.

    The next generation in role-playing games, BLEEDING EDGE will help you create a character with the limitless potential of next-gen technology, yet weighted down with the legacy of greed, lies, and hate. Explore a future world of supercomputers and subcultures, of multinational corporations and micro-economies, of big ideas and little heroes.

    Enhance your character with experimental gene-therapy, bionic limbs, and cybernetic senses. BLEEDING EDGE's object-oriented rules keep the pace fast and the options open, where every roll of the dice leads to something new, where you and your friends can work together to turn a tragic failure into a miraculous success.

    What will you do, when the future catches up to you?

    Explore the world of 2047, with its broken promises and narcoleptic dreams, with its gleaming towers and carbon cycles, with its multinational corporations and its micro-economies, with its super-computers and its sub-cultures. In this complete game, you take on the role of one of these future citizens of the world:

    The Hackers who turn the digital world into their personal playground

    The Opt-Outs who have decided that instead of fighting the system, they would simply not be a part of it

    The Offenders who coordinate their criminal activities through the unseen, dark web

    Private Military Contractors who work in the ever-profitable business of mercenary combat

    Citizens of the Noosphere, the future of journalism, determined to bring the truth to the world

    The Nextgen post-humans who seek out the next step in human evolution, by any means necessary: augmented reality, cybernetic enhancements, and genetic manipulation.

    The unique Snowflakes who refuse any classification. Be the change you want to see in the world!

    Building on SRD's proven technology, Vermillion's unique system of paired attributes, dice pools, and "take 10" rotes give characters multiple options in many situations. Do you take no risks and just coast on your skill? Or do you push your luck to stack extra dice? Or maybe you let someone else take the lead, while you assist their efforts. Work alone, or work together. Take the point, or lead from the rear. Vermillion rewards you for thinking like your character would, whether you like to plan in advance or to improvise in the field.

    The game of Bleeding Edge breaks everything down into simple steps so that all players can join in the fun. Work together to deal with your problems, assisting each other along the way.... or split up to cover more ground. Bleeding Edge blends skill and technology together in a way that works quickly and easily. Push your luck for extra rewards, or breeze your way through talent alone. The fantastic world of technology and information is presented to you and your fellow players as tools to help you get stuff done. Experience the future for yourself.