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    Hey Everyone,

    Last week Wizards of the Coast announced some production issues that were going to lead to a delay of Zendikar Rising Bundles and Commander Legends Collector Boxes. We have since emailed each and every one of you who may be affected by these delays. (If you did not receive an email and you ordered either a Zendikar Rising Bundle, "Combo #1" or Commander Legends Collector Product please reach out to shipping@401games.ca)



     In addition to those specific items, all Zendikar Rising products may be arriving in "Waves". Our hope is that our initial allocations will be enough to fulfill every pre-order that is made, but we have not received confirmation of our final numbers yet, so it is impossible at this time to say who will and will not be affected by any shortages.



    Once we have more concrete information we will be reaching out to anyone who may experience some delays with their order.



    We greatly value your patronage and loyalty, so it is always difficult for us to relay any potentially bad news like this. We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate these problems. As always, all orders will be fulfilled from oldest to newest and as soon as possible.



    Thanks again for choosing 401 Games!