ScreenPlay - Core Rulebook

ScreenPlay - Core Rulebook

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Everyone Has A Story To Tell

ScreenPlay_cover_7x10_finalLocked somewhere deep down inside, it waits until the right moment to be told. Whether you’re gathering around a table with friends, reading a book, or watching your favourite movie, we thrive on discovering the next great story. Stories of morality, growth, depravity, redemption, love and action. Stories told visually in film, television, video games, comic books and more where the action plays as much a role as character and plot (if not more). We are a society raised on explosions, fierce debates, car chases, courtroom drama, fistfights, horrific bloodshed, gritty interrogations and duels provided in the comfort of our own homes. From here, many aspire to become the next generation of storytellers. For those who dare to dream out loud, this game is for you.

ScreenPlay is a tabletop roleplaying game where imagination and co-operation allow everyone a chance to bring their ultimate stories to life. Designed to emulate the screenwriting experience, this game allows players to take on the challenge as one of a team of Writers working under the guidance of a Director keeping the script engaging and exciting. Built on a premise of simple rules and rapid-fire play, this game will allow you to try out new plots, characters and stunts you’ve always dreamed about but never had the chance to share with others. Use one of our upcoming published treatments or start your own. You can even use ScreenPlay to present a remake of your favourite story or correct one you wish has been better with a new cast and the “proper” vision.

Your Story In The Making

After two years in development and playtesting, ScreenPlay is getting ready to launch. But what it is exactly? Our playtesters put it best: a co-operative narrative roleplaying game. If you know and love roleplaying games and story games, ScreenPlay is a combination of the two used to create the exploits of lead characters in an imaginary world of everyone’s creation. Therein lies the key: everyone helps create the stories told in ScreenPlay. Whether they be epic action-packed tales of intrigue in pre-WWII Europe or on board an intergalactic spaceship or the enthralling mysteries of a bunch of crazy kids solving mysteries from coast to coast, it’s all up for grabs.

ScreenPlay provides everyone (as Writers or the Director) opportunity to help craft an original screenplay (or teleplay, if you’re looking to create an ongoing series) with all players taking turns to build and develop the story using descriptions, outcomes, triggers, potentials, complication rolls, and more. You could even re-tell a better version of a bad movie, reboot your favourite comic book superhero team, or translate a classic book to a limited run engagement in your imagination. The mechanics do not tell you how to create the story, they provide everyone with the tools to create challenging stories where everything introduced from a previous description has a part to play in the next round.